Beyond WoW

Blizzlike WoW enhanced by authentical new content

Raid cooking recipe - Comming soon



The cooking ability is a major part of the buffs, you need within 10, 20 and 40 man raids. Therefore, a new raid cooking recipe in the upcoming patch shall push this bond further the current state, with a new breathtaking quest line and its included lore.

The superior cooking recipe can be obtained by following the quests through Azeroth, complete dangerous missions and finally get the ability to be a real master cook. To keep this patch interesting, there won't be leaked any further information on this update till the release date. The patch is scheduled for the 21th, December 2018 (with reservation).

Grim Batol - Comming soon



We proudly announce the first upcoming custom instance for 5 players - Grim Batol. The entirely new game content will be completely outside and fulfilled with challenging bosses and freshly introduced epic items.

As a lot of instances within the endgame content are between level 55-60, this dungeon provides foes with a much higher level. Therefore, the creatures of Grim Batol are a way more likely to reward players with excellent gear which shall prepare them better for the end game raids.

Right now, the instance is scheduled for the beginning of 2019 (with reservation). Until the launch of Grim Batol, only a tiny amount of new information gets provided about the dungeon due to keep the excitement of the new experience :)